Monday, October 12, 2020

Book review: Abs Lust Embarrassment

Hi, pornies! How was your weekend? Today I come with a book I liked a lot, and I'll be reviewing the next four in the saga during this week. Get ready one hell of a HOT week! Let's start with Abs Lust Embarrassment, by Ty Debauchee, the first book in his Desire SagaThanks to Gay Book Promotions for the blog tour and sending me review copies for the next books!

  • Saga: Desire #1
  • Print Length: 59 pages
  • Publisher: Selfpublished (July 17, 2020)
  • Publication Date: July 17, 2020
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, Contemporary, Erotica
  • Rating: 4 / 5
PERFECT FRICTION LEADS TO PERFECT PLEASURE! - Endowed and proud, Garrett walks through the locker room toward the shower. Oddly, he briefly feels guilty for so enjoying his girlfriend's bragging about how blessed he is. Suddenly, he is betrayed by his number one asset.
A frenzy of unhinged harassment and gay bashing ensues! The community college basketball team is showering after their first win when Garrett becomes excited. It's an embarrassing disaster! In that instant, Garrett's life changes forever.
As Ty looks on, he must decide whether to stay on the side lines or join with the homophobic mob to hide his own secret. Garrett's crisis now looms as a dramatic force to change Ty's life. How will Garrett and Ty survive the frenzied torment of merciless homophobic teammates?
A simple act of human compassion leads both to a revelation of closely held personal perspectives, secrets, and desires. Will they soon share more than just their intimate secrets?
This first book starts with a simpe, setting. The closeted gay guy who is almost outet by bullies at school. However, as the book progresses, we see that things go through a rather unexpected path, one filled with curiosity, doubts, lust, desire, and lots of cum. It has the right ingredients for a simple, yet good story.

I liked many of the descriptions and the high voltage in.. 90% of the book? Seriously, this is good erotica, the kind I needed for a long time! But this doesn't mean there's not also some romance and feeling in between, which are a bit rushed, if you ask me. There could have been more development so it seems a bit more realistic, but as the author says, this is just a fantasy (can't help my inner editor, though).

The only one thing I didn't like were some of the dialogues, which didn't feel real or human. Some of them felt unnatural, like the characters suddenly started talking in a different way for no reason, so I was taken out of the reading a few times. This doesn't happen that much, and the sex scenes, which are far from few are totally free from this, so that's a good thing.

Abs Lust Embarrassment is the kind of book you want to read when you're alone, that's all I'm saying! The descriptions, the scenes, the mood... I lost count of the many times I got excited, aroused and wanted to be there with Ty and Garret. Seriously, this book is sexy AF! Garret may be a little bit of a cry baby for me, but d*mn that guy has some energy!

About Ty Debauchee:
As an energetic man at 6’4” tall and 195 pounds, I very much enjoy athletic pursuits including basketball, waterskiing, and snow skiing. While having a quiet and shy personality, I value my integrity above all else with loyalty to my friends and family coming in as a very close second.
Growing up with the stress of gay urges in a straight world and struggling to find my place in the world, I frequently used my dreams and fantasies as an emotional crutch to get me through some very challenging times. By sharing these stories in my books, I sincerely hope to ease the stress of others who might be facing the similar challenges and offer an entertaining escape for anyone in need. Website.

Have you read this book? Would you recommend it or not? Let me know in the comments! Kinky regards, K!

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